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Leadership Training


The anointing builds the Kingdom and leadership builds the Church! Since 2003, PBM has been training leaders throughout America and the world. We believe every church should have a strong anointing and strong leaders!


The Path Marriage Seminar

A great marriage is not a destination, it is a journey- a path! Our heart is to get couples further along on that path and also to get people back on the path that have been on the sidelines for too long. This seminar is practical, immediately applicable, and a lot of fun for married couples.


Blessed Because

Financial Seminar

God’s love is unconditional but His blessings are very conditional! In the Financial seminar, four revelations will be revealed that bring people into a blessed life. The revelations, listed in order of importance are God’s grace, our faith, our stewardship, and our giving.


Beyond the Veil

Women's Conference

Women deal with so many things that endeavor to keep them out of God's presence. Laura Baker has been given the revelation that will help women enter into God's presence and receive the answers with the Beyond the Veil Women's Conference.


The PBM Altar Training Seminar

In these last days God is raising up an army of believers that can do the works Jesus did. The heart of the father is for the body of Christ to minister to the body of Christ. In this seminar we train believers to lead people into salvation, lead people into the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and to help people reach out with their faith and receive their healing.

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