A portrait of Phillip and Laura Baker.

Phillip and Laura Baker

About Phillip Baker Ministries

Launched in 2003, Phillip Baker Ministries (PBM) functions to impact and increase the local Church by desperately following the leadings of the Holy Spirit and training up leaders in the church. PBM believes the answer for every person is Jesus, the answer for every church is the Holy Spirit and the answer for the world is the body of Christ. PBM is dedicated to leaving every church bigger and better than how it was found.



Phillip Baker Ministries conducts seminars on various topics including leadership, marriage, finances, and altar training at churches across the world.  


Phillip preaches at over 50 churches a year as well as traveling internationally as the doors open.


Listen to PBM audio series and sermons on the go by downloading the PBM mobile app.

The Build

Leadership Builds: God’s Kingdom, His Churches, and Your Life!

A new book from Evangelist Phillip Baker


The Build is for anyone that has a desire to move the Kingdom forward, impact God’s churches, and build a life that experiences success. Since 1994, Phillip Baker has been passionately dedicated to raising Kingdom leaders. The Build contains revelation, stories and 203 Builds that have equipped thousands of leaders around the world to make a difference in their generation.